So you just bought the game (or recieved it as a gift). You're really excited to play it. You put it into your Wii U/Xbox One/Playstation 4. You turn it on. You start the game. You see the logos, and that is a lot. You watch the Opening, and it is really awesome. You see the title screen. Awesome music. You select New Game. The opening crawl for the first level... Negotiations!? Wasn't that the name of the first level in LEGO Star Wars? You read the crawl. It is exactly the same word by word. The opening cutscene looks strangely familiar. You'd expect a game called "LEGO All-Stars: The Compilation Crossover" to have characters from different universes interacting. But really the crossover aspect is only in Free Play. Story just has you replaying previous games. It is basically another LEGO Star Wars: The Complete Saga. Anyway, let's start the walkthrough!