Crossover City is an open world city.

Places of interestEdit

  • Central - A lab where scientists are experimenting with interdimensional travel. You start here.
  • Minikit Museum - A museum where you view your collected minikits.
  • CharaToy - A toy store where you buy characters.
  • Download Delivery Service - A mailing service where you can order DLC.
  • Carmen's Deals - A car dealer where you can buy vehicles.
  • CutsCinema - A movie theater where you can rewatch cutscenes.
  • Party House - The residence of Harvey Party, who would throw a party in any size if you got the gold bricks in any amount.
  • Goldmine Bank - A bank where you can save studs and buy gold bricks.
  • Wifi Centre - A meeting ground where you can meet other players and either join their game or have them join you.
  • Arcade Arena - A place where you and a friend battle each other.
  • War Base - A place where you organize assaults.
  • Level Constructor - A place where you build your own levels.

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